Arlen Card - The Mountain of the Lord soundtrack

The Mountain of the Lord

Original Music Soundtrack


This is the whole musical score of the Church-produced movie “The Mountain of the Lord.” Full soundtrack available for download on, iTunes, and

01 Main Title – Settling the Valley

02 In the Prophet’s Home

03 Wilford & Phoebe – Temple in Flames

04 The Labor Commences

05 William, Did You Hear Me? Visiting Europe

06 Brigham Lays the Cornerstone

07 Winter Work

08 Under the Stars

09 Burying the Foundation

10 Stone Work

11 Cracks in the Foundation

12 The Accident – Giving the Blessing

13 He Was Always Right – Evening Prayer

14 Phoebe’s Passing

15 The Hearts of the Children

16 The Mantle Passes – The Statue of Moroni

17 The Capstone Ceremony (exc. Evan Stephens Hosanna Anthem)

18 The Unveiling

19 Completing the Interior

20 I Wish You Could Join Us

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