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Arlen L. Card: Partial Listing of Credits.

With well over a hundred films to his credit, and dozens of album-type projects, as well as about 28 years experience in the music and film industries, there is no way for Arlen to remember, let alone list, every project to which he’s added his magic. This partial listing, however, can give you an idea of the depth and breadth of his work, and how many clients he has left happy and ready to come back.

Name of Project Description Medium
The Mountain of the Lord Feature Film Full Orchestra
Wind Dancer Feature Film Orchestra
Heaven Sent Feature Film Electronic
Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration Feature Film (co-composed w/ Merrill Jenson) Full Orchestra
Tears of a King Feature Film Electronic
Once Upon a Summer Feature Film Electronic
Barefoot to Zion Stage Musical: Mounted Summer 1997 Cast and Orchestra
On Sacred Ground Documentary Mini-Series Hybrid Orchestra
The Incense Trail Documentary Electronic
Just Breathe (as Producer-Arranger) Album for artist Paden Smith Contemporary Christian


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