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Film Composer, Music Producer


Film composer and music producer Arlen L. Card has provided the music for well over 100 films to date, and has produced many CDs and other media projects. Watch this short video from Arlen to get to know him a little, then enjoy browsing through his demo tracks.

Here is a tiny sampling of what his clients and colleagues have to say about him and his work:


Nice comment re Arlen Card's film music.

I have worked with him on a number of projects and the music has always been terrific.  He is great to work with, creative and able to deliver the music I need on budget and within the deadline.  The music always sounds richer that I had expected he know how to get the most out of a piano, horn, synthesizer or orchestra.  Arlen’s music always enhances and enriches the project–he make me look good. 
–Jerry Craven, Director-Producer


Arlen Card's music work for Al Switzler

“Arlen Card is half magician, half genius, and all heart.  Over a period of years, Arlen has guided, mentored, created, enhanced, and partnered on the creation of a number of songs I wrote.  I wrote the lyrics and had melodies in mind and, given those resources, Arlen has been the alchemist continually, producing some results that are golden to me and my family.  These “raw materials” came in numerous forms: hymns, ballads, blue grass, and country.  Most recently, he collaborated with me to produce a CD entitled “Granddad’s Lullabies”.  Whatever can be done musically and artistically, Arlen did and can do.  He envisioned, composed, arranged, played instruments, sang, and directed.  His partnering and patience were spectacular.  What can I tell you—I am a huge fan!”
–Al Switzler, New York Times Bestselling Author of Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, Influencer, and Change Anything.


Arlen Card testimonial from Dan Carlisle, Soularium Studio

“Arlen Card is very talented, efficient and a pleasure to work with in the studio.  I had a client call who needed a producer for an album project.  It took me less than a minute to pass on Arlen’s contact info and I made a few thousand dollars from his referral program.  I would have recommended Arlen regardless of the program because he always delivers great results on time every time but it was nice to make some extra money at the same time.”
–Dan Carlisle, Producer, Audio Engineer, and Studio Owner


For more information on how Arlen L. Card can enhance your film, album, or project, contact him through this link, or call:

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